White Lie T-shirt Party Ideas

Looking for a Funny, Cute, or Exciting White Lie T-Shirt Party Ideas?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Social media is a new trendsetter in this era. Tiktok has made a new party trend, White Lies popular among youths.

Everybody tells a lot of funny and silly lies.

The concept asks you to wear your lies in your t-shirt with a black marker and show it off at an event or a party.

There are a lot of white lies that you can write on your t-shirt.

But before that, for starters let’s learn about what white lies are.

What is White Lie T-shirt Ideas?

White lies are small and non-bother able lies or false words people say, either funny or just to avoid drama. Many people tell white lies. 

Many people use these white lies in their daily lives and almost every conversation. Sometimes you need to be diplomatic with people in social events or formal places.

You can use these white lies in such a situation. White lies are a part of sarcasm and humor as well.  

There are a lot of lies that we speak here and there in our daily life that are somewhat humorous. This party idea makes telling those lies fun. It’s not just you, and everyone says the same white lies during their conversations. 

You can mingle with just like-minded people and their vibe. All you need is a great party venue, some great friends, and perfect white life t-shirt ideas. I got you covered with this article about white lies t-shirt party ideas. 

How to Choose a Perfect White Lie T-Shirt?

You can wear a lot of white lie t-shirts that can work. Now for the perfect white lies t-shirt, you can customize your t-shirt.

Using a black marker, you can take a plain white basic t-shirt and write a perfect witty white lie on it. 

This makes your written lie pop out as the background is white. There are many ideas for a perfect white lie t-shirt.

In this article, I have included 100+ white lies T-shirt party ideas. Have fun reading them!

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Funny White Lie T-shirt Party Ideas

Funny White Lie Party Ideas

1. I never drink.

2. I love the single life.

3. I’m five minutes away.

4. I fell asleep.

5. I’ll start my workout tomorrow.

6. I love your dress.

7. I’m not drunk.

8. I’m never drinking again.

9. I love online meetings.

10. I don’t care.

11. Oh, you’re funny.

12. I love your blog.

13. I’m sorry, but my phone died.

14. I feel okay.

15. I never procrastinate.

16. I won’t be available tomorrow.

17. I remember you.

18. I am sober as hell.

19. I will be ready in five minutes.

20. You have lost a lot of weight.

21. I am excited to go to work.

22. I’m broke right now.

23. I’ll watch just one more episode and be done.

24. I love my life.

25. Everything is going well.

26. I have no problems.

27. I’m never going to text them.

28. I don’t kiss and tell.

29. I am a responsible drinker.

30. I can finish the meal on my own.

31. I had a great time with you.

32. I’ll pay you back soon.

33. I agree with you.

34. I had a great time with you.

35. I’ll pay you back soon.

36. I agree with you.

37. I’m not a lazy person.

38. I can’t work today because I’m not feeling well.

39. I don’t particularly appreciate watching Tiktok videos.

40. I got caught in the traffic.

41. Sorry, I misplaced it.

42. I’ve watched that movie more than a hundred times.

43. I can do better than that.

44. I am emotionally strong.

45. I will not tell anyone.

46. You can have fun without alcohol.

47. I’m not doing it for the money.

48. I read all the terms and conditions carefully.

49. I am a great driver.

50. I got stuck in the traffic.

51. I’m going on a diet starting tomorrow.

White Lies T-Shirt Party Idea For Couples

White Lie Party Idea For Couples

1. You look so pretty.

2. I forgot to text you back.

3. No, I’m not jealous of him.

4. I don’t miss my ex anymore.

5. I’m not too fond of attention.

6. I’m excited about our meetup tomorrow.

7. My girlfriend is not crazy.

8. I’m not looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend right now.

9. I will never ghost you.

10. You are the only one I’m talking to right now.

11. Nope, I’m not horny.

12. I will share my food with you.

13. I don’t have a resting bitch face.

14. We were on a break.

15. We’re just friends.

16. I will call you later.

17. It’s my first time.

18. My boyfriend doesn’t drive me crazy.

19. Your number got deleted.

20. I’m not like the other girls.

21. I had fun tonight. I’ll see you soon.

22. I feel happy for you.

23. I will wake up at 5 am tomorrow.

24. I will always be with you.

25. We can stay friends.

26. I have a girlfriend.

27. I have never done it before.

28. I watched all the memes you sent.

29. I’m okay.

30. I was just kidding.

31. I love your hair.

32. I don’t like him.

33. I will keep in touch with you.

34. I rarely use social media.

35. You’re not like other girls.

36. I love it when you cook.

37. I’m going to quit smoking soon.

38. I never fake.

39. I don’t create trouble.

40. I’m listening to you.

41. My boyfriend is not like the other guys.

42. I will never get back to him again.

43. I didn’t see your message.

44. I wouldn’t say I like drama.

45. I’m not too fond of dogs.

46. I know what I’m doing with my life.

47. I will do the dishes.

48. I am over you and have moved on.

49. I don’t bring dramas.

50. I don’t need attention.

51. I’m on my period.


These are some of the white lie t-shirt party ideas that I have given for you to wear at such parties. This concept has been popular over TikTok. Many people find this concept interesting and fun. 

White lie t-shirt party ideas can be liberating to host or attend to as you can find like-minded people and match your vibe with them. You feel comfortable knowing how others feel and lie over small things just like you. It feels normal and fun. 

You feel like you no longer need to try to fit in or be diplomatic. This party concept encourages you to be yourself and tell what you feel like instead of lying. You don’t need to feel embarrassed to be yourself. 

You can have a lot of fun by partying using this new concept that has blown Tiktok. So when are you planning to host your next white lies t-shirt party?

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