30+ Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask a Guy

Have you ever had lots of questions in your mind that may be a little weird, a little corny, or too emotional that you felt afraid to ask guys about it? The key to having a great conversation is to ask some good interesting questions.

Guys are different from girls. Their way of thinking, behavior, and everything is different from a girl. It is natural to want to know your guy more and their opinions. 

As I’ve seen so far, many girls have almost the same questions they want to ask their guys. The answers may vary, but most guys generally have the same answer.

So, to make it a bit easier and a little less awkward for you, I asked my guy friends these most common questions.

Questions Girls are Afraid To Ask Guys

1. Do guys talk about their girls with other guys?


No, they don’t. Guys aren’t as expressive as girls while talking about their partners. They don’t want to discuss their partners with their friends. 

The only conversation they may have is something like, “So, I’m seeing this girl, and it’s going good.” “That’s great.” That’s all.   

2. Who should be paying for the first date?

It was like a culture that a guy should be paying on the first date to show that he is the man who is going to take care of his girl. 

Time has now changed, and people have driven past this toxic mentality and hence prefer splitting the bill or simply paying for what you ordered.

3. What is something a girl does that turns you on?

Unlike most girls, guys like when a girl is confident rather than her looks. I’m not saying looks don’t matter to get attracted to girls, but confidence works even better.

4. Is sex always on your mind?

One of the most common questions that girls are afraid to ask guys about is sex. As much as it seems like sex is the only thing on their mind, and they can never get enough of it, that is not the case. Yes, guys think about sex way more than the girls, but it’s not constant. 

Some guys have sex all the time on their minds, but it’s not the same in the case of others. Although guys think about it when they are with their partners or reminiscing the time they spend with them, they have other things apart from sex to think about.

5. Does it matter if your girlfriend has more guy friends?

Having guy friends shouldn’t be an issue. Your boyfriend may be a bit uncomfortable with your guy friends who constantly hit on you. Other than that, it wouldn’t matter.

In some cases, guys even bond with their girlfriend’s guy friends and are cool with them. It’s just about how he handles the situation.

When you’re dating someone, it’s all about trust. If your guy trusts you, it shouldn’t be a problem. You shouldn’t change or leave the people that matter in your life, and your guy friends are one of them.

6. What is an ideal first date for you?

There isn’t a specific first date that every guy likes. But if you take the gist, the main objective of a first date would be to have a great conversation and get to know each other better.

They’d prefer anything where they can sit and talk with you. A romantic dinner where you can have a peaceful conversation? Do you want to chill somewhere far with a beer in each of your hands and a slice of pizza in another? Do you want to go for a short and adventurous hike? Anything works that help you know each other a bit more!

7. Do you think that committing to a relationship will take away your freedom? 

Committing with someone means losing freedom in some way or the other. You restrict yourself from certain things because you love someone, which would affect your relationship. But then that’s what love and commitment are about.

You would compromise on your freedom because now you want to invest yourself into a new chapter with your partner. Commitment takes courage, patience, and will. If you’re ready for a commitment and love someone, you’d find peace in the togetherness and won’t long for the freedom or fear losing it.

So, to sum it up, if they’re willing to be with you and grow with you, they’d be happy to lose their freedom.

8. Would you want a girl to ask you out?


Although it has been a tradition that a guy always has to make the first move and ask a girl out, it’s not that easy for all of them. Guys that aren’t expressive or shy find it difficult to ask a girl out even if they like them a lot.

They would love it if a girl asked them out, and this shows confidence which is another turn-on for a guy, as I said above. So please don’t wait for him to say it, go and get him! 

9. Do guys prefer girls with makeup or without makeup?

Most guys don’t like their girls all glammed up. They prefer natural or a little makeup. 

10. What do you notice first about girls?

It’s different for everyone, but most guys notice a girl’s eyes and smile when they first meet them. 

11. Do you find my stretch marks unattractive?

As much as girls are insecure about their stretch marks, guys don’t care about it. Sometimes they may not even notice it.

12. How do you feel about periods?

Most girls are afraid to ask this question to guys but it’s not that frightening. Guys feel that periods are a natural phenomenon, and that’s it.

13. Do you like giving gifts?

To be honest, most guys do it out of obligation that they need to do it for girls and not because they want to do it. Here are a few gift ideas to consider.

14. What does it take to get you into the mood for sex?

If you’re in the same room as your partner, he’s in the mood for sex. It doesn’t take much to get him into the mood.

15. Do you want to get married someday?

Getting married may be a personal choice, and different guys have different answers. Talking about a general answer, most guys don’t want to marry.

16. Do you believe in falling in love?


This may come as a surprise, but yes, guys do believe in falling in love. They go head over heels for girls they love. 

17. Do you want to know what’s going on in my mind?

You can ask any guy, and the answer to this would be a big fat yes! Guys find it difficult to understand their girls and what they are feeling. It would be a great help if they knew what was on their girl’s mind.

18. What is good sex for you?

As much as guys watch porn and fantasize about their sex life, surprisingly, what makes good sex for them is an emotional attachment and a connection with their partner. 

19. Do you prefer a girl to be a virgin?

Guys are educated and aware of such things today. They won’t care or judge if you are a virgin.

20. Do constant messages from your girl bother you while you’re out with the boys?

A small text about how you’re doing wouldn’t hurt. It would make him happy knowing that you’re thinking about him and caring about him. But when you message him constantly, it gets annoying as your guy wants to spend his time with the boys.

21. Do you prefer girls with good fashion sense?

This question may be subjective to one’s choice. Generally speaking, most guys don’t care about their girl’s fashion sense. However, it wouldn’t hurt them to see you in a great outfit once in a while.

22. Why are guys emotionally distant?

Most guys are emotionally distant because that’s what they’ve been taught to be from a young age. The toxic masculinity that the patriarchy teaches has affected guys, and hence they don’t know how to be emotionally fragile, or at least they don’t show it.

23. Will you be able to forgive your girl for cheating on you?


Generally, guys won’t forgive if they find their girls cheating. However, it depends on the situation and how the guy handles it.

24. Do you expect your girls to share your passion?

They would be happy but wouldn’t forcefully want to share their passion with you. However, they want you to let them follow their passion without any hindrances.

25. How do you confront a girl you’re uninterested in?

Honestly speaking, most guys ghost the girls they’re not interested in. Some communicate with them and clear it out. 

26. Do you like to stay in touch and constantly message your girl throughout the day?

Guys would want to talk to their girls here and there during the day or just send random memes. But sometimes, it can get overwhelming when they constantly reply to you and talk about different things all day long.

27. Do you prefer girls shaving down there?

Most guys don’t care about shaving or not. All they care about is hygiene. If it’s clean and fresh, it’s all good for them.

28. Do guys care about their girl’s body count?

Guys don’t care about girls’ past and prefer not to know about anything in the past. Hence, body count doesn’t matter to guys.

29. Why don’t you like romantic movies?


Men don’t prefer romantic movies because they get irritated by the unrealistic expectations those movies create for girls.

30. Do you want to have sex on the first date?

It depends on the guys whether they want to do it with you on the first date or get to know you more. Generally, they wouldn’t say no if they got the women’s consent.

31. Why do guys ghost girls all of a sudden?

The reason for ghosting a girl by guys has been the greatest mystery of all times. Guys may ghost you because they are not interested in you and are not able to confront you.

Whatever the reason, this shouldn’t make you feel any less or question your worth!

Asking The Right Question To a Guy

Girls have many questions for guys, but it’s not the same with the other gender. The collective answer to all your questions is guys really don’t go that deep and care much about anything.        

 This is because they don’t think about all these things that often.

They are okay with almost anything and everything. They can adapt to almost any situation because they don’t think about it too much.  

Guys don’t like keeping anything in their minds. You ask them, and they’ll tell you; however, they get a bit irritated and annoyed. It’s not that difficult. Do you have some questions for them? Are they awkward? Who cares? Stop overthinking and creating your scenarios in your head! Just ask it out! Irritate them! Love them! They’re yours!

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