100+ Intimate Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

Are you curious to ask some intimate dirty questions to your crush

Still, feeling shy thinking about how he/she will feel? Here is what you can do to take your relationship to a whole new level. Trust me; these have worked really well for me and would work for you too. 

When you care about someone and are comfortable spending time together as a couple, then it’s a good time to share our entire range of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Being intimate with your crush can be very difficult, especially if you have never done it before but hey you can do it. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into those Intimate dirty questions to ask your crush. 

Piece of advice:
Be careful not to ask your crush any inappropriate intimate questions. Make her feel at ease and special. You can start a conversation by asking some funny and flirty questions

Best intimate Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

Best Intimate Questions To Ask Your Crush

Whenever you ask your crush a question, make sure she is comfortable having a conversation like this with you. 

At the beginning of a potential relationship, when you have a crush on somebody, whether it is a girl or boy, there are moments of tense feeling.

Too much overthinking prevents you from initiating a meaningful conversation. 

Well, now you shouldn’t worry about it anymore; we have piled up some questions which could spark a potential intimate dirty conversation with your crush. 

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Here are some Intimate dirty questions you can ask your crush. 

Are you comfortable having shared this conversation with me?

Do you trust me?

How much do you enjoy dirty talk in an intimate setting?

Did you ever fantasize about me before we started dating?

Black dress or white dress?

Are you romantic?

Would you like to go on a date with me?

Do you still have your ex’s phone number?

Do You like Taking Dirty on the phone?

What qualities do you seek in a partner?

When was the last time you dated someone?

Would you be willing to talk about your relationship in public?

Can you guess what I am thinking right now?

What pleases you most?

How would you describe my body; hot, sexy, or anything else?

Which is your favorite web series?

What does your lip taste like?

Do you know Selena Gomez? Maybe she would consider you prettier than her.  

Where has been your favorite place to date?

Kissing is a proven way to burn calories; can you help me burn mine? 

What do you prefer, kissing or cuddling?

French kiss or Forehead kiss?

Have you ever cried for someone?

Have you been cheated by anyone?

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in life?

What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

Would you mind if I gave you a nasty love bite?

Have you ever wanted to rip off my clothes?

Is there a public place where you would like to do it?

Where would you like me to ink on my body?

What kind of clothes turn you on the most?

Would you like to recreate a sexy scene from a movie with me?

How many times have you done it in a row?

Have you ever done it outside?

How do you feel when others check me out?

How do you feel about talking dirty?

Did you previously date anyone else before me?

What is the woman of your fantasies if you can’t have me?

Do you like it when someone pulls on your hair?

What are your thoughts about having toys in the bedroom?

How well do you think you understand what women want?

How high is your sexual drive? 

Have you fantasized about me before you got to know me?

How long have you gone without doing it?

How would you describe your sexual preference?

When is the best time of day for you to get passionate?

Are your friends aware of our relationship?

How about the color of your underwear?

Have you ever been seen naked beside me?

You see wet dreams, don’t you?

Would you like me with clothes on or off?

Are you going to choke me hard?

Do you ever feel attracted to someone of the same gender?

Consequently, these questions will make her feel special and allow you to ask intimate questions. 

Extreme Intimate Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush 

Extreme Intimate Questions To Ask Your Crush

Here are a few ways to boost your crush’s mood.

Can you tell me about your wildest fantasy?

When was the first time you kissed?

When was the last time you kissed?

Whom do you have the best kiss with?

Did you ever have sex?

If yes, where was the weirdest place you ever had sex?

If not, could you make me the luckiest person on Earth?

Have you ever done it in an open area?

Can I take a shower with you?

Have you tried sex toys before?

You watch po*n, right?

What is your favorite position?

What is your opinion of premarital sex?

What role does sex play in a relationship?

Can I do your body massage? If so, how should I begin?

Do you ever fantasize about having sex with a celebrity?

What would you want me to do, if I were with you right now?

Are you a spitter or a swallower?

How do you like to initiate foreplay?

How often do you feel horny?

When I get off having sex with you, will you bring me coffee in bed?

How long do you last in bed?

Have you ever had random sex in a club or bar?

Is there any scene from a movie that you would like to reenact with me?

Would you be interested in seeing my hot pictures if I sent them to you?

Do you masturbate?

What is your darkest fantasy about me?

Are you often intimate with your partner?

Would you prefer to do it in the morning or at night?

Rough or Gentle?

How would you like to spend more time in bed?

Are you more comfortable taking control or being submissive?

Would you rather have a one-night stand or a long-term relationship?

Quickie or marathon session?

Which time of day is best for having sex for you?

Would you rather be at the top or at the bottom?

Do you prefer rough or romantic sex?

Do you like BDSM or not?

After we are done, will you dance with me?

What can I do to give you the ultimate pleasure? 

Are you a moaner during sex?

What do you think of 69?

Do you prefer tits or ass?

Is it more fun to be at the top or at the bottom for you?

What do you prefer, Lights on or off?

Is it better if I wear clothes or without clothes?

Can you make me moan?

Before I met you, how many times did you have sex per week?

Would you like to sit on my face? Please!

So, these are some of the intimate dirty questions to ask your crush.

Don’t be shy about asking these questions. This could be the start of a wonderful relationship. Asking them these questions will not only get them going, but their responses may also make you feel hot and bothered! If you’re far apart from each other, having intimate dirty conversations might be fun and worth it. 

However, if your crush isn’t comfortable with these questions. It is best to give them some time and space. Hopefully, your crush will be ready to tickle each other soon.  

That’s all guys; tell us which intimate dirty questions you are going to ask your crush. Let us know if we missed any in the comment section below. 

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