How to Hump a Pillow: A Guide to Better Self-Pleasure

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your masturbation game, look no further than your very own pillow! Humping a pillow can provide a whole new level of sensation and pleasure, and it’s pretty easy to get started. 

Adding pillows to your solo sex life can help you indulge in some self-love. There are a lot of ways to get comfortable during sex, and one of them is by humping a pillow. The extra stimulation can enhance the enjoyment of sex. Let’s talk a bit more about humping a pillow before we look at ways to hump a pillow.

Can You Actually Hump a Pillow?

Sure you can! In fact, humping a pillow can be a really great way to get off.

For starters, humping a pillow allows you to get in touch with your own body and sexual desires. You can experiment with different techniques and speeds to find out what feels good for you. And since you’re in control, you can always stop if you start to feel uncomfortable.

Plus, humping a pillow can be a great way to relieve stress or just help you relax. If you’re feeling tense, humping a pillow can help you release that tension and feel more relaxed.

When it comes to finding new and exciting ways to get off, there are few things as versatile as a pillow. Whether you’re looking for a new way to masturbate or just want to spice up your sex life, humping a pillow can be a great option.

So go ahead and give it a try! You may just find that humping a pillow is one of the best ways to get off.

Does Humping a Pillow Actually Feel Good?

Humping a pillow can actually be quite enjoyable! By positioning the pillow correctly, the pressure and friction can provide clitoral stimulation and even G-spot stimulation. And, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just fun to ride something! If you’re looking for a way to add a little extra excitement to your life, or just want to experiment with something new, humping a pillow is definitely worth a try.

Hump a Pillow

However, you need to consider a few things when humping a pillow. The first thing you should do is make sure your pillow is firm and nice. You don’t want something that’s too soft, as it won’t give you the same level of stimulation. Second, if you’re going to be using your pillow for anal play, make sure you put a condom on it first. This will help keep things clean and make sure the experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Once you’ve got your pillow ready, it’s time to get down to business. Start with your clothes on, then gradually work your way up to naked. Rub your body all over the pillow, paying special attention to your clitoris and vulva. Test out different strokes and speeds to determine which feels best. As your hips approach orgasm, grind them into the pillow and let yourself go!

How to Hump a Pillow for Maximum Sexual Pleasure

It’s time to get down and dirty with your pillow. Here’s how to make the most of your humping experience  with a pillow.

1. Get in the mood

In order to have a good time humping your pillow, you need to be in the right mindset. Make sure you’re feeling sexy and horny before you get started. This means getting rid of any distractions and getting yourself aroused.

2. Find the right pillow

Now that you’re in the mood, it’s time to find the perfect pillow to hump. A great pillow for humping should be soft, yet firm, and big enough to fit between your legs. You might want to try a few different pillows before you find the right one.

3. Get on top

Once you’ve found the perfect pillow, it’s time to get on top. Position yourself so that the pillow is between your legs and start grinding. Experiment with different motions and speeds until you find what feels good.

4. Go for it

After getting in position and feeling good, it’s time to let loose and have some fun. Take that pillow and hum it like there’s no tomorrow. Get lost in the pleasure and let your body move.

5. Finish up

Once you’re satisfied, you can slow down and eventually stop. Don’t forget to give your pillow a little squeeze before you dismount. 


So there you have it, pillows can be sexual too! It can work very well as a fun and easy way to release some sexual tension, whether it’s with a partner or on your own.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways of finding out what feels best for you. Besides, you never know which way will work for you–you could discover a new favorite way to get off.

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