30 Exciting Hobbies For Women in Their 20s

Young women are often overwhelmed with the idea of what to do in their free time. They don’t know what is fun, what they have time for, and even if they’re happy with the hobbies they already do.

This article helps young women in their 20s to find some exciting hobbies that won’t require too much money or time and can still be enjoyable.

The 20s is a stage of their life where they have just entered the workforce and have more freedom to continue their interests.

This article will explore the career and lifestyle choices you can pursue in your 20s. We will cover some exciting hobbies that women of this age group can try out. They include rock climbing, yoga, cooking classes, and more!

Why Should You Have a Hobby? 

If a person does not have a hobby, they can face many consequences for their mental health. A hobby is any activity that is engaging and enjoyable to an individual. It can be an activity that relaxes them or helps them socialize with others, even if it’s something as small as playing with pets.

There are many reasons why individuals should have a hobby. Hobbies can help people escape from depression or boredom and reduce stress levels.

Hobbies also allow people to become creative and improve their time management and self-discipline skills, leading to better productivity at work and school.

Best Hobbies For Women To Pick Up in Your 20s 

Best Hobbies For Women in Their 20s

Hobbies are both fun and educational. They can be the perfect way to spend your spare time or make some changes in your life. You want to try something new, something you’ve never done before, or something that you find difficult.

This article will talk about the top 15  hobbies that women in their twenties should be encouraged to pick up in their free time.

1. Aikido

It is a martial art that involves using techniques intended to control an opponent rather than harm. 

This is why it makes for a great hobby for women who want to learn self-defense skills but prefer not to spend too much time sparring against other people, which can get competitive and hurt feelings if all participants don’t have the same level of experience and skills.

2. Photography

Do you have a keen sense of beauty? Take up photography! In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, I understand that you may feel inadequate to pursue a hobby that many others do for a living.

However, if you put in some personal time and effort, you might discover a passion for taking the best, aesthetically pleasing aesthetic shots. You can begin with your phone, as most smartphones already have excellent built-in cameras, and gradually purchase an actual camera in the future!

3. Cooking

There are hundreds of thousands of recipes to learn, and you can do it! Cooking is not only a necessary skill for eating, but it is also an art and a culture in and of itself.

Cooking opens doors to worlds you may not have known existed before, whether it’s working on your presentation style or experimenting with different flavor combinations. Simply ensure that your fire alarm is operational.

4. Writing

Nothing beats writing to express your creativity and work out all of those jumbled thoughts in your head. 

Writing is a great way to express oneself and find your voice. This cannot be easy in today’s society, where everyone tries to fit in. 

In your twenties, it’s critical to discover yourself and stop worrying about what other people think of you. Allow your words to reflect your creativity.

5. Painting Digitally

Digital painting, also known as digital art, has grown in popularity. Apps like Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and Autodesk Sketchbook provide digital painters with various creative tools.

Whether you like anime or draw from your imagination, this is a fun hobby with the added benefit of being creatively limitless.

6. Dancing

Dancing is a more physical hobby that also incorporates several creative elements.

So, turn on some music and dance if you need to “shake it off.” If you’re looking for a more intense workout, Zumba classes are the way to go. Ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, modern, and hip hop are also options!

7. Gardening

If you tried your hand at pottery, you might already have a pot with nothing in it! Maybe pottery didn’t work out for you, but you have a great green thumb. Gardening, in any case, is a wonderful hobby that became especially popular during the COVID-19 quarantine with the rise of houseplant owners.

You have the option of growing vegetables and fruits or working with low-maintenance houseplants and succulents. Some houseplants, such as the Golden Pothos and Spider Plant, have also been highlighted for their ability to purify the air.

8. Learn a Musical instrument 

People who can play instruments are frequently very appealing to us. Furthermore, they always appear to be happy and stress-free.

Isn’t it cool to learn to play an instrument? What matters most is that you’re determined to learn to play your instrument, not that it’s fancy and difficult.

There are numerous YouTube tutorials available on the Internet to help you get started with this hobby. There are even blogs and websites that teach music.

If you prefer a more personalized approach, look for a mentor to teach you how to play.

9. Videography

Once you’ve tried photography and you’re looking for more, videography is a great next step. 

You can create short films and then longer ones. Combining this hobby with blogging and becoming a YouTube vlogger is also possible. 

10. Embroidery

The art of embroidery may sound like it belongs in the 1950s, but believe us when we say it is still popular among women today. There are even embroidery groups that work as a team.

This is another hobby that, once mastered, can be turned into a business. To make it work, all you need are the bare necessities and the will to succeed.

 11. Makeup

What better hobby could there be than one based on self-love? The world of makeup is vast, and you can start with something as simple as an eyeliner and work your way up to creating an entire makeup look.

Learning to apply various makeup products can boost your confidence while saving your salon money in the long run.

12. Knitting

Knitting is a great winter hobby because you can make warm hats, scarves, and mittens. It’s also a useful and versatile hobby because you can do it in front of the TV, waiting rooms, or public transportation.

13. Learn new language 

Learning a new language is best suited to those who have plenty of free time. Learning a new language is not a hobby that can be mastered in a day. or even a month. It can take many years to learn. 

Becoming a “specialist” in the new language is not necessary. Still, it’s comforting to know that if you ever visit a country where it’s spoken, you’ll be able to communicate (and even survive in a new place).

14. Start to read

With the day’s hustle and bustle, sometimes all we need is to sit down and read a good book.

Millions of books are available online and offline, ranging from fiction to nonfiction to poetry, to help enrich your mind and future conversations.

15. Join yoga classes 

Yoga has the dual benefit of keeping your body flexible and strong while also centering your mind in the present moment.

So, Sign up for a class to learn the fundamentals, then continue with online videos or an app in your living room once you’ve mastered the poses.

Fun & Exciting Hobbies For Women In Their 20s

Fun Hobbies For Women in Their 20s

Women in their 20s are a busy bunch! They have to juggle school, work, social life, and everything else life throws at them. 

The women in this age group are always on the go, making it hard to find time for themselves. To help these women, we have prepared a list of 15 fun hobbies that can be easily incorporated into their daily lives.

Some of these hobbies are low-cost, while others need some investment, but they all can make you healthier and happier.

1. Beer Tasting

Beer tasting is both an educational and social activity. You get to learn about different varieties of beer with friends who share your interest in the drink.

2. Painting

Painting is therapeutic as it gets your mind off daily worries and stresses

3. Learn to Make Origami

The Japanese art of folding paper into wacky shapes isn’t just for kids. It’s a great activity for maintaining manual dexterity, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, and it only costs the amount of paper you use.

4. Creating Candles

Candle making is a craft that people who enjoy decorating may enjoy. There are numerous craft stores where you can buy basic supplies. Aside from relaxing, decorating allows you to make as many candles as you want to brighten up your home. They also make wonderful gifts for you!

5. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a technique for preserving memories. This is a popular pastime among women in their twenties. Cutouts of various items can be obtained, sorted according to themes, and pasted into a scrapbook.

6. Design Your Jewelry

There are two advantages to making your jewelry: It will help you reconnect with your creative side, and you will receive numerous compliments on your wares. Finding vintage beads and baubles can be half the fun if you decide to use them.

7. Put a Puzzle Together

We’ve never found anything more satisfying than putting the final puzzle piece together. They’re also a fun, low-cost activity to do with friends and family.

8. Stand-up comedy

Laughter is said to be the best medicine. So, if comedy appeals to you as a hobby, you have two options for engaging: be in the audience and have a fun night, or be the comedian and be the source of fun.

9. Pottery

Pottery is regaining popularity because it is a sustainable way to express creativity in our wasteful society. And the possibilities for creativity are limitless.

10. Make chocolates at home

It is not difficult to make chocolate at home. On the other hand, we all enjoy these nutty or cream-filled treats. So these can be enjoyable and fun-loving hobbies.

11. Keep and love pets

Pets keep us company and keep us from feeling lonely or depressed. Spending time with them, caring for them, feeding them, and going for a walk with them all provide opportunities for exercise.

12. Miniature

Miniatures are small-scale works with intricate detail. You can make your miniature artwork and amass a sizable art collection as your passion.

13. Traveling

Travelling is more than just visiting different places; it is also about exploring and connecting with them. You can travel to various places and learn about various cultures, languages, and topics.

14. Start listening to some music

Music soothes the senses and promotes inner peace. It is also a hobby where you do not have to exert any effort or break a sweat.

15. Collect different items

Putting together a collection of one-of-a-kind items that interest you can also become a hobby. Comic books, currency, antiques, watches, clothing, and other items can be considered for your collection.

Which Hobby Would You Pick?

If you’re reading this and you’re wondering what your hobbies should be, the first thing that I want to do is congratulate you. This means that you have identified what’s important to you and have a genuine desire to change something in your life.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for what we should be doing with our free time; these are some suggestions of things women in their 20s may find enjoyable.

The conclusion is that there are plenty of hobbies for everyone, regardless of age or gender identity. But the most important factors are whether one enjoys doing it and has enough time for it – not how many other people are doing it.

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