70+ Funny Questions To Ask a Girl You Like

In Marilyn Monroe’s words, a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear. Therefore, we have compiled a list of fun questions to ask a girl you like.

Boys, I will absolutely be honest with you. The first thing a girl wants from you is a good sense of humor. 

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever noticed why the funniest guys seem to get the prettiest girls? 

You don’t need branded iPhones, luxury cars, and other stuff to make a girl happy, just a good laugh would do. 

So, How do you make them laugh?

It’s very simple. Just ask them funny or juicy questions. Laughter can be a powerful bonding tool for romantic connections.  

So, here are lists of fun questions to ask a girl you like.

Fun Questions To Ask a Girl You Like

Fun Questions To Ask a Girl You Like

1. Who is more handsome: Me or Tom Cruise?

2. What kind of toothpaste do you use because your teeth are white and shiny?

3. What’s the latest meme that you have seen?

4. What would you do if you were the man for a minute?

5. Do you love watching anime? If so, which one?

6. Why don’t you make me your pet, so I can spend all my time with you?

7. Have you ever slipped in the bathroom?

8. Have you ever forgotten to flush your toilet after pooping?

9. Did you ever pee in your pants?

10. What is the funniest movie you have seen?

11. What is your favorite emoji on Facebook?

12. Are you a fan of K-pop?

13. Do girls really hate each other?

14. Burgers, pizza or me?

15. How often do you poop in a day?

16. Do you have a brain or are you just beautiful?

17. Have you ever farted in front of your crush?

18. Do you block your parents from all your social media accounts?

19. How many mini dinosaurs live in your head? No, I mean lice. 

20. How often do you bathe? Would you mind if I joined you?

21. Which chocolate is your favorite and which is your least favorite?

22. Who is the most beautiful girl in the world and why is it you?

23. Do you have any money set aside for our future?

24. What’s the most hilarious thing you have ever heard?

25. What would you do if you had a twin sister? How would you prove you are the real one?

26. How many bites does it take you to finish the hamburger?

27. Why are you so hot? Are you the cause of global warming?

28. Why are you laughing? What’s funny?

29. Do you have cockroaches in your bathroom?

30. If you were an animal, which one would you be?

Romantic Funny Questions To Ask a Girl

Romantic Funny Questions To Ask a Girl

In addition to asking funny questions, you can ask her cute questions in a funny way to make her smile. 

I have put together a list of romantic funny questions to ask a girl. 

1. Have you ever given me a loan? Because I have so much interest in you?

2. Would you like to marry me? Because I’m tired of washing clothes.

3. When other girls stare at me, do you get jealous?

4. Are you looking for a humorous husband? Perhaps I would fit the bill. 

5. If you wake up and find me lying with you in bed, what will your reaction be?

6. Do you have a nickname? Can I call you mine?

7. What would you call our relationship if it were a movie? 

8. What name would you give a child if we had one?

9. Would you suck my blood if you were a vampire?

10. When we go on a date, where do you want me to take you?

11. Do you consider yourself a girl? If so, what proof do you have?

12. How deep is too deep?

13. Has anyone ever locked you in the bathroom?

14. Are you human or an alien?

15. Did Santa give you any other gifts on Christmas besides me?

16. Have you ever been beaten by your mother?

17. Have you ever stolen ice cream from the refrigerator?

 18. Are you missing me?

19. Does my silly talk make you smile?

20. Can we go for candle day dinner instead of candle night dinner?

21. Can we watch a movie together in a corner seat?

22. Does your home even need light as you already bring brightness into both the world and your home?

23. Your parents still remember my birthday, right?

24. Am I an idiot?

25. Would you marry me if you were given the chance?

26. Is it true that you hate your relatives?

Weird Funny Questions To Ask a Girl 

Weird Funny Questions To Ask a Girl

Besides romantic and cute questions. There are even weird funny questions to ask a girl

1. If you were the richest person in the world, what would you do?

2. What are the weirdest superstitions you believed that turned out to be false?

3. Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb? 

4. Have you ever felt from a bicycle?

5. Are UFOs real to you?

6. You’re a good liar, aren’t you?

7. Are you a sports fan?

8. Do you have a song that lives rent-free in your head?

9. Have you ever tried licking your elbow with your tongue?

10. How long can you hold your breath? Try it right now.

11. Will you still talk to me if I go bald?

12. What would you do if the apocalypse were to occur?

13. Will you suck the venom out of me if a scorpion stinks me?

14. Why do girls take so many selfies?

15. Do I make your heart beat faster when I am in front of you?

16. Did the cat get your tongue? Why aren’t you responding?

17. Can you recall a time when you pranked someone?

18. Can you share your perfume with me?

19. What are your procrastination habits?

20. Have you ever created a funny rumor that spread like wildfire?

21. Can you speak the pet language? 

22. What is the worst addiction you have? 

23. If you were offered a 1-day meeting with Brad Pitt or a year of free pizza. Which would you choose?

24. Can a beard make a man sexier?

25. What is the size of your fist? Because I don’t want to get knocked out by it when I say some ridiculous things?

26. Do you consider yourself a pseudo-feminist

27. How would you communicate with me if you suddenly lost your speech?

Which Fun Question Will You Ask Your Girl?

Boys, these questions are enough to get a funny conversation rolling. Keep in mind that you should not irritate her by asking these questions continuously. Instead, give her some space and respect her privacy.

Asking a fun question to your girl will make you closer to her and give you a chance to have a good laugh with her. 

Being good-looking alone won’t win you a girl’s heart. With these funny and romantic questions, you are sure to keep your partner happy in your relationship. Hope these will make your girlfriend smile. 

Let us know below if there are any questions we missed, as well as if you need any further assistance. 

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