100+ Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Do you want to ask some fun questions to your boyfriend but don’t know what to ask?

Then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss some fun questions to ask your boyfriend. 

Whether you’re on the phone or in person, engaging him in a fun conversation is a great way of getting his attention and a chance to spend some quality time with him.  

Various surveys and studies have proven that; Poor communication is the no 1 reason for couples breaking up.  

Communicating regularly boosts relationship satisfaction and tends to increase happiness in couples.

So, here is the list of fun questions to ask your boyfriend in order to make him feel better and enhance your relationship.

Crazy Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Crazy Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Is a relationship really a relationship if you’re not having fun in it? Having fun with your boyfriend and understanding each other is therefore essential for a long-lasting relationship. Below are some questions that will help you get started.

Do you love me? Prove it.

Still, watching porn when you have me?

What are you wearing right now?

Besides winning my heart, what has been your greatest accomplishment?

Was your ex prettier than me?

Baby, I’m pregnant. How should I handle this? (Trust me he will freak out listening to this)

How would you react if I cheated on you?

Is there anything you dislike about me?

When my message notification pops up on your phone, do you smile?

When we marry, where will you take me on our honeymoon?

Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?

Can you tell me some lame promises your ex has made to you?

Do you have a celebrity crush?

If you were a superhero, what would you be?

What is the worst food you’ve ever eaten?

Do you vomit while traveling in a vehicle?

Do you have any hidden talents besides flirting with me?

Do you ever think about wearing makeup? I could help you if you do.

Are you fond of people farting around you?

Have you ever tried eating your cum?

Babe, how often do you bathe her?

What are ten things you can’t live without?

Do you use a mobile phone while you’re on the toilet?

Which pornstar do you like the most?

Did you ever date someone online and then break up without actually meeting them?

Fun questions To Ask Your Boyfriend When You’re Bored

Every once in a while, we all get bored. Don’t we? It happens to all of us. You can use this time to get to know your boyfriend better and entertain them with some funny questions. 

Therefore, whenever you feel bored, ask your boyfriend these questions to keep the spark alive in your relationship. 

Can you make me a pizza, Babe?

Are you in love with me or is it just a way to pass the time?

Is Emma Watson more beautiful than I am?

Can you take me somewhere today?

What is the food that you crave most?

Do you still watch cartoons? If so, who is your favorite cartoon character?

Are boys hornier than girls?

Do you want my n*de?

Have you ever dreamed of having sex with me?

Could you have ever imagined having a bae like me?

Have you ever cursed a teacher?

How often did you, bunk class?

Have you ever been bluffed by anyone?

Ronaldo or Messi?

Did you ever consider proposing to your friend’s girlfriend?

What is the silliest punishment your teacher has ever given you?

If you were a fruit; what fruit would you want to be?

Help me finish this sentence; I am your —.

Was there anyone you loved at the beginning, but now hated the most?

In the same way, who is the one person you hated at the beginning but now love the most?

If you had a time machine, which past mistake would you try to avoid?

Have you ever argued with a bus conductor about a higher fare?

Has a dog ever bitten you?

Are you happy with your life?

Would you wear a girl’s dress if you were offered 100 million dollars?

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Fun questions to ask your boyfriend while texting

Fun questions To Ask Your Boyfriend When You’re Bored

Are you gay?

Could you please like my new Facebook profile picture I just uploaded?

How about commenting on my Instagram picture? 

Why are you taking so long to reply?

Are you busy chatting with some other bad bit*hes?

If you don’t last long in chat, how will you last longer in bed?

OH attitude. (Yo na haaal mc)

I’m feeling horny right now. Can you come over?  Sorry I mean hungry. 

When was the last time you uploaded your Facebook profile picture? 

What would be your reaction if I told you I want to ride your whole night?

Is there anything you have done that you are not proud of?

What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

Would you mind telling me about your sexual fantasies?

Dani Daniels or me?

Would you like to go to the circus with me?

Do you have a favorite pet?

Banging a dog ever crossed your mind?

My milk or cow milk?

How often do boys masturbate?

How do boys deal with drunken friends?

Why do boys always pay their girlfriend’s bills?

 Boys have only one thing in mind and why is it sex?

How do boys spend their weekends?

When you were a kid, did you think of anything as ridiculous or misunderstood anything?

What is the silliest piece of advice you received from your teacher?

Have you ever been confronted by members of the LGBT community?

Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About The Future

Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About The Future

It would be nice if you asked some humorous questions about your future. Since what’s the point of asking him these questions and giving him your love and affection if he isn’t serious about your future? 

Thus, these are fun questions to ask your boyfriend in the future. 

If you had only 1 minute left; what would you do?

Boys will buy 1000$ video game, but why don’t they buy 8$ moisturizer?

Will you marry me or are you like my ex who pretends to love me forever?

Will you invite your ex to our wedding?

What are your plans for our honeymoon?

How many children do you expect from me?

Who is going to change the baby’s diaper?

In 10 years, where do you see yourself?

On our wedding night, will you help me undress?

Would you be able to help me put on lipstick?

Are you able to last the whole night?

What school should our children attend?

Can you suggest a name for our children?

Do you love me more or our children?

Will you work hard for your future just as hard as you work hard in bed with me?

Would you bring me coffee in bed?

Would you rather lick your boss’ ass or mine?

Are you going to flirt with your female coworkers?

Still, masturbating after our wedding?

Are you still going to wear that same underwear with millions of holes?

Can you take me for a morning and evening walk? 

How would your dream mansion look like?

What outfit will you wear on Halloween?

How excited are you to spend the festival together?

What has life taught you the most?

Would you still love me the same when I’m old?

Keeping a Relationship Fun and Exiciting

So, these are the fun questions to ask your boyfriend. I hope it helps. 

Asking your boyfriend fun questions not only shows how much you care about him, but it also shows that you love him. 

Beautiful girls are easy to find but a girl with a good sense of humor is extremely rare. Are you that rare breed?

It is not just about beauty; every boyfriend wants a funny girlfriend, so if you can be one, it will be icing on the cake. 

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