86 Best Dark Humor Pickup Lines To Win Her Heart

We know you’re not the only one who enjoys dark humor. In fact, Dark Humor has been widely accepted and enjoyed in today’s world and of course jokes are not meant to be taken seriously anyway.

Pick up lines are lame, so you need something to distinguish yourself from the crowd. A corny pick up line will not work either, but don’t make yourself look foolish by making a joke.

This article contains a selection of great dark pick up lines that you can use anywhere, whether it’s at a coffee shop or on a dating app.

In addition, I included a collection of twisted and dark tinder pick up lines that are sure to work wonders.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

What are Dark Humor Pick Up Lines

Dark humor pick up lines are a unique and often hilarious way to get a potential mate’s attention. They can be used to break the ice and put a potential partner at ease. Dark humor pick up lines are not only clever and creative, but they are often provocative and risqué.

Dark humor pick up lines should not be taken too seriously. They are meant to be used as a joke and not to be taken too personally. Dark humor pick up lines are meant to make the person on the receiving end laugh, not to offend them. It is important to remember that dark humor pick up lines should not be used to insult or hurt someone.

It is important to keep in mind that dark humor pick up lines should not be overused since they can quickly become tiresome and repetitive like sad Twitter quotes. In order to avoid feeling like a joke, you should be aware of the person you are trying to pick up.

Dark humor pick up lines can be used for any occasion, from casual conversations at a bar to more formal dates. They can be used to break the ice, to make someone laugh, or to simply add some humor to the conversation. It is important to remember that dark humor pick up lines should not be used to make someone uncomfortable or to insult them.

Dark Humor Pick Up Lines for Tinder Dates

1. Wow! I could never have guessed you look way better in person than what I have been seeing through my telescope. 

2. Hey girl, are you a cemetery? Cause I’m dead inside and want to bury myself in you.

3. If I were a zombie, I’d want to eat you first.

4. Are you a school? Cause I wanna shoot kids inside you.

5. You’re like an inoperable brain tumor….I can’t get you out of my head.

6. Shall I wait for you in my car, or will the closet suffice?

7. Are you a mummy? Because you just wrapped me up in your charm.

8. Are you a demon? Because you just tempted me.

9. What genre of music do you like? Why not heavy metal? I can make you learn how to scream.

best dark humor pickup lines

10. If you ever want to have a first kid, you will get in bed with me. Read more: 

11. How do I get the STUD? I only have STD, and U are all I need! 

12. If you ever want to see your children again, you’ll do what I want. 

13. Do you like dark humor? Because I think you’re quite the pick up line!

14. Are you the police? ‘Cause you’re arresting my heart. 

15. Are you in the night sky? Because you have the dark and the light.

16. You must be a ghost, because you’re hauntingly beautiful.

17. Are you a black hole? Because you just sucked all the fun out of my day.

18. Can I ask you to drop dead? I’m a necrophiliac and I might just think about it.

19. Can I buy you a drink? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get you drunk– I just heard it worked on your last date.

20. Does this smell like chloroform to you?

21. Did you choke on a light bulb? Your chest is all flashy.

22. Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Satan?

23. Hey, can I buy you a drink? Or can I just get your number and buy myself a drink?

24. I’d say God bless you but it looks like he already did.

25. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

26. I’m sorry, did you just hear something? I thought I heard the sound of your heart beating.

Dark Humor Pick Up Lines for Him/her

27. I might not be a genie, but I can make your wet dreams come true.

28. Hey, you must be a thief, because you’ve stolen my heart!

29. Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for.

30. I think I must be dead, because you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

31. I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art.

32. I think someone must’ve put a spell on me, because you’re the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever laid eyes on!

33. Hey, are you a photographer? Because you make my heart look great in pictures.

34. I think I must’ve been a princess in my past life, because you’re the knight in shining armor I’ve been waiting for!

35. Are you a time traveler? Because you just took my breath away!

36. I think I must be an astronaut, because you’re out of this world!

I think I must be an astronaut, because you’re out of this world!

37. I must be a vampire, because you’re the only one who can bring me back to life!

38. I think I must be a snake charmer, because you’re the only one who can make me smile!

39. You must be a magician, because you make my heart vanish!

40. Is your dad an alien? ‘Cause there’s nothing else like you in this world. 

41. If I were an onion, would you cry? 

42. Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? ‘Cause you look like an angel. 

Cute Dark Humor Pick Up Lines

43. I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together.

44. If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

45. Are you a gas pump? Because you’re filling me with excitement.

46. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I’m really feeling a connection.

47. If you were a potato, you’d be a really cute one.

48. Sorry, I’m booked tonight. I already have plans with your future self.

49. Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you.

50. Are you a therapist? Because you’re making me feel better already.

51. Are you a vampire? Because you’re sucking the life out of me.

52. I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.

53. You must be an exorcist, because you make me do things I never thought I would.

54. I think I just met my soulmate…in the morgue.

55. Are you a zombie? Because you’re walking dead gorgeous.

56. I must have died and gone to heaven, because you’re an angel. 

57. You must be the Grim Reaper, because you take my breath away.

58. Are you a coffin? Because you’re giving me a permanent hard-on. 

59. My love for you is like a coffin- it never ends.

60. Are you a banshee? Because you’re making me scream.

61. You must be a ghost, because you haunt my dreams.

62. Hey, you must be an angel, because you look so heavenly.

63. If you were a coffin, I’d die to be with you.

64. If I were a vampire, I’d bite you first.

65. If you were a demon, I’d be your minion.

66. Are you a dictionary? ‘Cause you add meaning to my life. 

67. Did you just come out of the oven? ‘Cause you’re hot. 

68. Did you swallow magnets? ‘Cause you’re attractive. 

69. Are you a vampire? ‘Cause you looked a bit thirsty when you looked at me. 

70. Did you hear of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise? ‘Cause I think you could use some of his power. 

71. There must be something wrong with my eyesight. I need your help, I just can’t take them off you.

72. Are you a broom? Because you just swept me off my feet.

73. Are you a zombie? ‘Cause you look dead and I need some brains. 

74. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have a knife, Get in the van.

Dark Humor Pick Up Lines Reddit

75. Want to hear a joke? Nevermind, it’s too long– you’d never get it.

76. Your outfit is so dazzling. Do you know how it can look better? Rumpled in a bunch of mysteries that haven’t been solved.

77. I like my women like I like my whiskey; sealed in an oak barrel for at least 10 years.

78. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have a knife, Get in the van.

79. What’s the difference between a jet and a boner? I don’t have a jet. Read more: 

80. Are you my uncle because I want you to sexually abuse me for 13 years.

81. Hey, are you available? I’m thinking about killing myself and you could be my last chance at love.

82. Not mine, but “Hey are you a factory before child labor laws? Because I wanna put a bunch of kids in you.”

83. Are you Reddit’s Night Mode? Cause I could stare at you all night long.

84. I want to add you to the collection in my basement.

85. Are you Jewish? Cause I’m about to gas you up!

86. Are your parents retarded? because you’re special.

Your Favorite Dark Humor Pick Up Line

Which of the Dark Humor pickup lines were your favorites? Make sure you use them non-aggressively but make it smooth.

A dark humor pick up line is a quick and funny way to excite her and will boost your chances.

ark pickup lines are not for the faint of heart. You should not try to use a dark pickup line if you do not have the courage to own. However, if you dare to express your dark pickup line to attract someone, you will be amazed at how quickly it works.

Share us some of your Dark Humor Pick Up lines so we can share it with our audience.

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