19th Birthday Ideas

Birthdays come and go, but you only turn 19 once in your life! Let’s make it a cause for celebration. However, it can be a difficult age to handle.

You’re still a teen, but you’re also an adult, and this may be your last birthday as a teen. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best 19th birthday ideas to help you plan the most memorable day of your life.

Things To Do At The 19th birthday

Yes, the time of 19 is already different from 18. The boy or girl becomes a young adult. And in this stage, they are looking for some life experience. So here are some interesting things to do on your 19th birthday.

Some people might say that it is not a big deal, but it is a milestone in life. So there should be something to celebrate and commemorate this big event from childhood to adulthood like going out with friends, traveling alone, or doing something they always wanted to try like sky diving or bungee jumping.

The best way to celebrate the 19th birthday is to have friends and family round for an intimate dinner and a few drinks. Consider one of these DIY projects for your 19th birthday if you want to try something different.

1. Host a dinner party: This can be done in the comfort of your own home or with an extravagant restaurant meal. It’s all about the guest list, but if you have time and money, you might want to consider organizing a dinner cruise.

2. Have an artistic party: Make sure to have an artistic birthday party where everyone has to bring a drawing of themselves

3. Lighting up the night sky with candles: Use colored jars to line your driveway or porch, put candles in each jar, and light them all up!

So, now let’s look at different 19th birthdays for guys and girls. 

19th Birthday Ideas For Girls 

19th Birthday Ideas For Girls

When it comes to celebrating your 19th birthday, there are several options to choose from. Let’s take a look. 

1. Day at the spa

Consider treating yourself to some self-care. A day at the spa with your friends would be a fantastic way to commemorate your 19th birthday.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel like going to the spa, bring your friends over and have a spa day in the privacy of your own home. Massage each other, prepare DIY masks, and receive new manicures and pedicures.

2. Bonfire at backyard 

If your birthday falls in the fall or winter, a bonfire party is a great way to remember the occasion. Isn’t it fun to roast marshmallows and hotdogs while wearing your coziest sweaters? 

Then, add some gorgeous fairy lights and paper lanterns to the outside, and you’re ready to go. Bringing back memories with friends and family.

3. Plan a tour

19th Birthday Ideas Tour

Who doesn’t enjoy a lengthy, scenic drive? You have the option of having a fixed destination or wandering. You can drive with a few loved ones or yourself for some self-reflection time.

In any case, a memorable road trip is an excellent 19th birthday idea that doesn’t require a lot of money. Make sure you choose the best place for your birthday and you’ve got the appropriate playlist for driving!

4. Netflix 

Nothing beats a Netflix session with your best friend. On the eve of your birthday, invite your girlfriends over and prepare a watchlist of everything you want to see. 

Request that they bring their pajamas overnight and have a pajama party. 

5. Get some new outfits

Give your closet a makeover for your 19th birthday! To begin, I suggest checking out all of your out-of-season clothing. Make room for all the gorgeous clothes you’re about to obtain by getting rid of the old you!

Spend an enjoyable day in the mall trying on clothes and possibly taking a few fashion risks. It’s your birthday, after all, so treat yourself to a new wardrobe!

19th Birthday Ideas For Guys 

19th Birthday Ideas For Guys

It’s a milestone birthday, and it’s time to celebrate! What better way than to celebrate your 19th birthday with your loved ones? Here are some ideas for the best 19th birthday party ever.

1. Having a pool party

Invite your buddies over for a pool party. You can get the party started by renting out a pool hall or jumping in at your local community center, or buying inflatable water slides from Amazon. Get the whole gang together, jump in, and have fun!

2. Movie Night 

Rent out a movie theater and invite all of your friends to come to see the latest blockbuster. Make sure you buy enough tickets so that everyone can go!

3. Karaoke Night

19th Birthday Ideas Karaoke Night

Who doesn’t love karaoke? Spend an evening singing with all your friends and loved ones. A birthday karaoke night sounds like a good idea. It’s cheap entertainment, and no one will criticize whether or not you can sing. 

So rent a machine and transform your living room into a karaoke club complete with mood lighting and a makeshift stage.

4. Computer and video games

You must have had a favorite video game when you were younger. So why not make it a part of your 19th birthday celebration?

 It’s a fun theme, and you may provide snacks and drinks in a similar style. You and your buddies can compete in a fun video game to top it all off.

5. Camping

If you don’t want to throw a party, how about a night of camping with a bonfire? You could also host a campfire so everyone can gather around and cook, BBQ while playing cards, and UNO together. Playing the guitar etc.

19th Birthday Gifts Ideas

Choosing a birthday gift for a friend can be challenging. Especially if we have no idea of their preferences, some guidelines will help you select the best gift.

The first thing is to remember is the age of the person you want to buy a birthday gift for. If they are aged less than 18, try something lighthearted and fun such as ice cream or flowers, and if they are aged above 18, something more thoughtful as a birthday present. 

Many online stores offer high-quality products at discounted rates every day of the year, and this could be a great way to find the right gift for friends and family on their special day.

19th Birthday Ideas For Girls 

So, you’ve been invited to a birthday party, and the honoree is a girl. The big question is what to get her for a present? Should you go with something more personal, or should you be practical?

There are three simple things that all girls love: jewelry, beauty products, and clothing. If she likes one of those things more than the other two, go in that direction, but if not, it’s best to make your decision based on what she already has as well as her interests. For example: 

If she wears earrings, make sure they are simple and not too flashy. You also want them to match her hair color. Please make sure they are gold or silver (not mixed). And for necklaces, just like earrings.

19th Birthday Ideas For Guys 

Consider the following options, depending on your son’s most important.

  •  If the birthday boy is an avid reader, a Kindle or a Nook may be the best option.
  •  If your son or birthday boy is more into gaming than reading, then console games may be a good option for him. Game consoles come in all shapes and sizes, but they all offer high-quality gaming experiences that may last long after his 19th birthday. 
  • If the birthday boy/your child is into music and movies, he might enjoy the latest Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy phone. Smartphones entertain high definition and are built with social media integration to keep up with old friends while meeting new ones. 
  •  If the birthday boy or your son loves sports, then getting him tickets to

Happy 19th Birthday To You 

This paragraph is about the significance of your 19th birthday, and it’s perfect for when you want to congratulate someone.

The 19th birthday is a really special milestone in our lives – a time when we finally get to be recognized as an adult by law and can make our own decisions. It’s a time of change – but also one of stability and growth. There are so many possibilities ahead of you that it’s hard not to feel excited!

Happy 19th birthday to you!


Finally, you reach your 19th birthday and have just turned into a responsible adult. One can legally drink alcohol and do all the other things forbidden to you as a child.

A day can be spent any way you want at the end of the day. Although these 19th birthday ideas are fun, impressing your friends with the most outrageous party or activity isn’t the best way to celebrate your birthday.

Choose an activity that makes you feel comfortable and joyful, and your guests will be delighted to be there. You only need to make sure is that you are surrounded by as much affection as possible.

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